The Best Use for Roto Telehandlers


Roto telehandlers, or rotating telehandlers, are specialist equipment that is seen as a necessity on the vast majority of construction sites in the modern world. It offers various benefits and uses, and if you are in the process of looking at the correct plant hire service to help furnish your site and project with the right plant hire equipment, including roto telehandler hire, this is an important part of the project and planning process.

What is a roto telehandler?

A roto telehandler offers 360° degrees in rotation, with a crane and access platform provided in one piece of versatile and effective equipment. There is also a rotating upper structure that allows the machine to have a load across a much wider area in total without the need to reposition the base of the machine. This helps to cut down the time needed to perform tasks in an effective way, helping to raise standards even further. Whenever a piece of equipment or machinery can be used in a way to boose standards it helps to cut costs and maintain good deadlines, no matter the sector being worked in.

Where are roto telehandlers used?

Although you see roto telehandlers used extensively on construction sites, there are versatile pieces of machinery that are suitable for use across a wide-range of sectors and sites, including roofing and cladding, erection of pylons and the installation of overhead cables, industrial glazing, and steel construction. You are seeing this use instead of applications that would have used a crane in the past, mainly due to the versatility a roto telehandler offers, and its more compact nature. Within the example industries, roto telehandlers offer greater control and precision when placing materials and elements to a task, offering better safety levels when working at height. This makes a massive difference to a wide range of applications in myriad industries, offering versatility and robustness in situations that are often inherently dangerous.

Adding attachments

Another interesting part of hiring a telehandler from the best plant hire services is that you can also add attachments if you require it. This enhances the potential of the telehandler even further, adding capabilities for a wide range of tasks. Roto telehandler attachments include jibs, winches, hooks, platforms and carriages. By adding an attachment to your roto telehandler hire, you have a much wider potential for task completion at an acceptable standard of effectiveness and safety.

Working with a plant hire company that you can trust is the first step to a long-term relationship where your needs are met on existing and future projects where the need for plant hire is concerned. If you need the use of roto telehandlers on a regular basis, by working with a reputable plant hire service helps to ensure that you always have access to the latest models of telehandler. This boosts levels of productivity, efficiencies, and safety levels, whilst cutting down the time required to complete tasks to a satisfactory level.

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